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1) The Milukshuk Centre - 2,000 sq ft.

property for sale Nunavut

Designed as the region's first state-of-the-art multi-purpose venue, this building (the Milukshuk Centre) got totally gutted to make way for new walls, floors and floor beams, electrical, heating and a new roof too. It's one of the few private buildings in Nunavut to have an emergency back-up power system. There are 2 types of programmable LED theatrical lights covering 10 zones in the main hall - the northern lights sequence is amazing. The lights in the stage area interact with sound or may be set to simply light the carving wall. Walls, floors and attic were all fully insulated. The Centre is wheelchair accessible.

We joke to say it's a high-end technical shack; but, it's beautiful and functional with amazing views of the Coronation Gulf (Arctic Ocean), designed by Copper Inuit youth, elders and engaged average people wanting to make the most of the opportunity to create something themselves and for their 'community.' This cultural building offers the buyer a unique history and an unparalled sense of creative vision.

The Milukshuk Centre is named after the late  Fred Elias . KRS bought this handyman special as surplus property from the Kitikmeot Inuit Association (KIA). Fred, the Executive Director of KIA at the time, believed in KRS' vision, work ethic and commitment, as he did of all aspiring Inuit . Naming the building after Fred also recognizes our cultural roots with Alaska and the Inuvialuit region of the Northwest Territories.  KRS thankfully received permission to honour Fred's legacy and this spectacular multi-purpose venue from the Elias family.  The building has been formally blessed twice - initially when Inuit youth, artists and workers were neck-deep in the renovations; and finally when their efforts were complete.



property for sale in Nunavut

Reception area ...










Building for sale Kugluktuk


Snow ceiling 



















building for sale


Hand made crown moulding, made by inuit youth









arctic cotton carving wall

Faces of Kugluktuk as Carved Arctic Cotton

Faces of Kugluktuk as Arctic Cotton blowing in the wind -


















History of Kugluktuk 1948 - 1950

John Allukpik

A massive 35'x8' murale by world renowned artist, the late John Allukpik and Canadian artist Chantal Dupas. This is one of the largest indoor oil paintings in Nunavut, if not the largest detailed art piece. The painting is the largest commission that John did before his passing.

John and Chantal were so technically capable they designed the painting to interact and change with the special effects of LED lights. This painting is a true one of a kind.

Read more here about the life of John Allukpik and his artistic vision, a vision of hope for Inuit, the Kitikmeot region and Nunavut.

You may also read more on how important it was for John to mentor other Canadian artists to carry on his style and knowledge on page 6 here 

















Video Conference Room


Video conference room or office








property for sale Kugluktuk  

Property for Sale Kugluktuk Nunavut As a pre-employment, skills training venue, the Milukshuk Centre has served Inuit youth in Kugluktuk as cultural incubator to reach for the stars. ... more info coming soon











Property for sale Kugluktuk Nunavut


Three out-buildings










2) The KRS Staff House (next door to the Milukshuk Centre) SOLD  (all funds used for O&M only)

Staff House for Sale Kugluktuk Nunavut


This 2,000 sq. ft. house is located right next door to the Milukshuk Centre









staff house for sale Nunavut house for sale Kugluktuk Nunavut

A comfy and quiet 2 bedroom house. If you are visiting Kugluktuk for work or pleasure, you may with to rent our B & B style accommodations. For more information and our booking form, please go here.











Property for sale in Kugluktuk Nunavut leadership and innovation Why are we selling these two properties ... average Inuit youth wanted something fun to do. The fun got out of control and something great was accomplished. Everyone is older now and moving on to other things. We will always be proud of our accomplishments. Fond memories that last a life time, and such fun that gave us skills for new goals.

Arrangements are already in the works to have all funds from the sale of properties put into a Trust for scholarships or the like to help reinvest back into our core educational mandate, without all the work and stress of running a daily operation. This is seen as the best way to protect and manage the assets we've worked responsibly to grow. 









radio station for sale Nunavut building for sale Nunavut

with leonna

building for sale

popping bubbles tour

shaman in Kugluktuk

Kugluktuk Radio Society



























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