We have a few anniversaries coming up, but 2014 is a Happy 15th

The Kugluktuk Radio Society (KRS) thanks you for visiting its first ever website. After providing community entertainment services New Place Kugluktuk Radio Society 88.7 Buzz FMfor 15 years, and with the advent of gradual but sufficient improvements to internet services in our remote part of Canada's Arctic, KRS thought it time   to expand its market beyond the immediate communities originally served by our two stations (Cambridge Bay, Holman Island and, of course, Kugluktuk). 

It's been a long road. KRS has moved beyond having a speciality market servicing 1400-4000 people. KRS now offers billions of George Tuccaro and Colin Adjun at Kugluktuk Radio Society 88.7 Buzz FMpeople access to our services. KRS took this approach so that it could better focus on offering monthly speciality shows to our dedicated  listeners, shows about issues having national and global significance playing-out in our own backyard. KRS and its listeners want to be more a part of these conversations. This site's Listen Live feature helps with that ... so too does our stakeholder/partnership development activities with other radio stations and schools in Canada and internationally.

KRS has reinvented itself several times over the last 15 years. When we started in 1999, much of the pre-Nunavut telecommunications infrastructure sat idle, or School outreach at Kugluktuk Radio Society CKUG 88.7 Buzz FMunder-utilized, and strangely still does. This was, and still is, due mainly to the lack of Human Capital. KRS was the first post-1999 Nunavut station to utilize this infrastructure to do a live coast-to-coast-to-coast show with NAHO and Jordin Tootoo. Being a pro-acBen Jammin at Kugluktuk Radio Society 88.7 Buzz FMtive part of a national broadcast sure wet our appetite for more of the same. We've maintained this infrastructure at considerable cost, but we've also developed other broadcast options, including this website. 

Our passion for embracing innovation combines with our primary not-for-profit goal of offering pre-employment communication and customer service skills to Inuit youth (if and when they want to engage themselves); which, in turn, evolves our commitment to growing Nunavut's radio sector as a whole. KRS prides itself on being grassroots like many of the very awesome community radio stations in Nunavut (we are not owned or new floor at 88.7 FM Buzz FM Kugluktuk Radio Societychristmas at Kugluktuk Radio Society 88.7 Buzz FMoperated in any way by local government).

On the eve of KRS kicking-off regular broadcasts years ago, we realized through our many community consultations that a little over half the households (our future listeners) didn't have radios ... so we bought 130-140 pretty slick little numbers (with nightlights!!) to give away via students at the elementary school, and then we launched our regular broadcasts. That's our roots.

Today, the available technology and choices of media options are incredible. Kugluktuk even just got a cool new 3rd radio station (not including 2 CBC stations) that's starting-out with some former jocks and volunteers that helped us take root and grow. It's all good. Kugluktuk is a real music and entertainment town with a lot of talent doing what turns them on; whether for short or long stints, any positive form of creativity in our 'remote' northern community is a necessity. George and Steve at CKUG 88.7 Buzz FM KRSThere are almost too many opportunities here. KRS is a strong supporter of helping to Made our own crown molding Kugluktuk Radio Society CKUG 88.7 Buzz FMcreate an environment of choice, social engagement and skill development; and, KRS doesn't forget its roots while targeting an unknown future.

Of course, who knows where all this will go. Our all volunteer group has grown something that has gotten wildly out of control; this fact makes anyone who has been in any way involved getting KRS to this point, smile. We continue to reinvent ourselves. However, we realize that 'outside' support is likely needed to help overcome significant local and regional market issues that are well beyond our abilities. For this reason, the entire KRS operation may be of strategic interest to 'outside' investors or Third Party buyers who have the resources or sector development skills that

Donna with Premier of Nunavut Kugluktuk Radio Society CKUG 88.7 Buzz FM

would allow us to just focus on the day-to-day operations, or to just put everything up for sale and, honestly, walk away in relief knowing KRS assets are in good hands. KRS always seems to be at the cross-roads ... but, as time goes on, at least we're sharing, caring and moving forward, making new, productive choices.

Funny thing is ... our stock bylaws don't even require KRS to broadcast anything;

Report Card Show Kugluktuk Radio Show CKUG 88.7 Buzz FM

we could just photocopy the Top 10 hit list every year, pop that in everyone's mailbox for 30 bucks, and go: tah-dah ... hit-cha back next year.

But seriously, here and now, KRS welcomes you to support our renewal and sustainability plans

. Please see our Advertise With Us page to learn about promoting your Archaeology Show Kugluktuk Radio Society CKUG 88.7 Buzz FMcompany, products or services with us here on this site, and on 88.7 itself.

If you are thinking of visiting Kugluktuk (Coppermine), contact us to rent our staff house (4-star equivalent, self-catered accommodations - probably the best in town).

Once again, thank you for visiting ... enjoy our site and 88.7 CKUG 'Buzz' FM; thanks to your interest and support, KRS' 15-year tradition continues as volunteers strive toward being the best they can be as a regional community radio station in western Nunavut.   



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Here's another way of putting it ... a quick start to an outline:



  • Two (2) community members assess the lack of services available in Kugluktuk. They, being Alex & Mike, consult with people and prioritize radio broadcasting as a niche activity - something that would not conflict or compete with any other community asset or group activity.
  • Coppermine Radio Society in debt and inactive since 1995 - KRS establishes itself as a not-for-profit and raises funds to pay-off the previous group's $2,000+ phone debt.
  • Between the mid-80s to 1995 community radio in Coppermine/Kugluktuk doesn't really take root as a regular, locally run staple as in most other communities in NWT/Nunavut.

2000 - 2001

  • KRS repairs telecommunication infrastructure to start broadcasting on 105.1 fm in partnership with CBC-Inuvik/Yellowknife.
  • KRS relies on broadcast space donated by the Municipal Corporation of Kugluktuk (the Hamlet). Venues change at least 4 times in 2 years. The time (and cost) to re-wire new locations makes for nearly no shows. 
  • watch for more info 



  • KRS and a new Hamlet administration successfully negotiate having KRS serve as the anchor tenant in a vacant house so that an as yet to be formed Youth Group can develop Kugluktuk's first Youth Center - at last, permanent digs (a 10'x12' room)!
  •  etc etc  



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Just saw the great story in Nunatsiaq News I wanted to take the time and recognize not only the efforts you've put into helping develop this [Nunavut Radio Operators] course but also those efforts to promote it.  Thank you,

Matthew Ayres 
Executive Director
Nunavut Municipal Training Organization




Sponsorships & Giving Back

kUGLUKTUK RADIO SOCIETY TURKIES 88.7 CKUG BUZZ FM The Kugluktuk Radio Society prides itself on more than just trying to establish professional, but very much grassroots radio. Our sponsorship activities are humble but pretty extensive over the years.

For instance, every year, as a sign of appreciation, KRS provides volunteers with the more costly items for Christmas dinners; and, KRS has helped, as resonably as possible, the various Municipal Government's Christmas Committees, which when we led the 'radio-thons' raised over $230,000 for Christmas food, toys and prizes.

More will be added to this section About Us, but suffice it to say that it Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conferenceis our modest  sponsorship of the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference that makes us most proud as Canadians, doing what we can to improve ourselves, our community and our Territory. KRS was Nunavut's only Silver Sponsor in 2012. KRS continues to promote the value of the conference by engaging more of Nunavut's innovative, community-based talent to step forward, develop skills and be a part national leadership networks.



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