The 88.7 Rhythm or 'Feel' over its 24/7 Schedule:

We almost called 88.7 'Dawg' FM because our schedule is a right mix like a dog's breakfast; but DAWG FM is one of our top picks for a southern Canadian station. DAWG was pretty helpful to stand-up quick to offer help to one of our volunteers who was attending NS (school) a couple of years ago in Ottawa and needed a job. So, we went with Buzz instead.

kugluktuk radio with Leona

But back to our dog's breakfast of a schedule ... at the time we got going over 10 years ago, people just wanted any and all kinds of music, something for everyone. The explosion in access to music and techo hadn't occurred yet (and no, Kugluktuk doesn't have a music store).

With that challenging vote of confidence, our consultations dug deeper; asking people in town how they wanted 88.7 FM to 'feel.' This proved pretty interesting! Kugluktukmiut wanted a certain rhythm or feel for the day, and they thought of elders and other people first, not just of their own interests - rock-n-roll - this mindful attitude stands as the real Kugluktuk and the essence of CKUG 88.7 Buzz FM. 

So, taken together our dog's breakfast is a fine and hearty mix that starts at 6am for the elders, moves to something for the kids, then the workers; by lunch we ease into upbeat country and jazz, then to more modern, but relaxed hits. The evenings start-off generally heavy but by 9pm gets relaxed. By midnight, it's all blues then explodes for the nightshift workers, and students working on school stuff, with anything to keep them going. We ease-up again until we start the day at 6am when elders wanted to enjoy their breakfast tea and local hymns. Weekdays have a similar but different rhythm than the much craved weekends.

We start each day with English or Inuinnaqtun versions of 'Oh Canada.' The Inuinnaqtun version of 'Oh Canada' by local ('semi-retired') singer Theresa Adamache will leave you wondering when the puck is going to drop - it's that good. In a way it does; 6am is the best time to start the day, the Kugluktuk way with Buzz.


Core Shows (not including specialty shows - watch for those): 

  1. Hymn Hour (Inuinnaqtun) – our 24/7 day starts at 6am; our premier show runs every day until 7am, with an extra hour on Sundays from 2pm - 3pm. The call for Hymn Hour essentially started the 88.7 project. Watch our video for the story behind 88.7.
  2. Kugluktuk Gold - local and Inuit content stands at the heart of CKUG; bar none, we have one of the biggest libraries of local and Inuit content playing regularly in Canada; CKUG has even recorded Inuit musicians and does major projects, in house, just to get the job done. When we located one old tape from the now near abandoned settlement of Bay Chimo with a recording of an elder requesting his stories be shared with the world, we knew our job. However, we don't stop there; you'll enjoy Inuit music from across Nunavut, Northern Quebec and Greenland (and soon, Alaska and beyond). 10pm - 11pm Mon - Thurs; Sundays 9pm - 11pm. The goal of increasing Inuit content stands as the central premise of CKUG with emphasis on the production and promotion of Inuit content, not its basic delivery as with most stations.
  3. Kids’ Show – Total fun ☺ This show, our 3rd speciality show, helped launch 88.7 over 10 years ago. CKUG board members insisted on
  4. this showto help kids get ready for school in a way that parents could enjoy too - imagine Oscar the Grouch singing with Johnny Cash, well that's the kids' show; much more pleasing than the emergency siren going off at 8:30am these days. M-F 8am -9am; and, a double feature on Sundays from 9am – 11am
  5. kugluktuk radio society Inuit St.Classic Rock – All of the essentials plus rare tracks with the occasional kick, featuring bands like the Stooges (live) and the Sex Pistols. Tune in M-F 9am – 11am, for an hour 7 days a week from 6pm-7pm; Tues & Thurs 7pm-8pm; and 7 days a week from 1am to 3am.
  6. Blues – more than the great standards, we mix in the best of inner city, urban America from the 70s. Midnight to 1am, everyday; M-F 11am-noon; Saturdays 4pm-5pm; Sunday Blues starts an hour earlier for a double shot from 10pm – midnight. 
  7. Country – classics and vintage with a splash of good fiddle-n-bluegrass, plus absolute gems from rural Quebec and aboriginal musicians from across Canada; it’s a good mix with a lot of Canadian country; pretty nice, actually. M-F noon til 3pm, M/W/F 8pm – 9pm; Sundays 8pm-9pm.
  8. Jazz – When we started 10 years ago, little kids asked for a Jazz Show!! Well, they got it - a good library here, unfortunately no Coltrane-type jazz though; just jazzy jazz dizzie-land style with a splash of New York-type flapper hits from the 30s - 40s that many kids love, and we are sure adults do too. M-F 3pm-4pm; Saturdays 11am – 1pm; Sundays 1pm-2pm and again from 4pm-5pm.
  9. Christian – A well-researched mix with a donated collection from a former Northern Store manager. Sir John Gielgud reads verses from the bible. People requested a Christian Show, we simply made it possible. It’s a popular, thoughtful and well put together show. Sundays 7am -9am. NOTE: we are non-denominational.
  10. Adult Contemporary – A pleasing mix Mon-Sun 5pm-6pm, and Sundays 11am to 1pm.
  11. Extreme Power (Edited but the Advisory Warning stands) – Kugluktukmiut fans wanted it, got it & love it, but WHOA: if you don’t like metal, do not tune in Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat. from 7pm – 8pm. Best of, plus bands from Germany and Quebec. Some shows might be ‘mild’ but Ozzy rules! Mike’s 70 year-old mother assembled the Metal library; she didn't have a clue what she was shopping for but worked well with head-bangers and band members at various locations; if you like heavy metal, this show delivers! Oh, the handful of spandex & frizzy-haired rocker tunes from the 80s are an inside joke.
  12. Modern Rock – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday 8pm-9pm with a double shot on Saturday til 10pm. Then 7 days a week from 3am to 5am.
  13. Celtic & Northern Folk – a lot of Canada’s finest, with a blend of northern Canada’s best Inuit music from coast to coast to coast, some great treats from rural Quebec, and a special showcase of pure Yukon gold as well as treasures from the Northwest Territories. Sundays 3pm – 4pm. Parts of this show also runs M-F 9pm - 10pm.
  14. Dance-N-Rap (Edited but the Advisory Warning stands) – A good mix, plus special selections from actual DJs from London England, New York and Toronto. kugluktuk radio society and the jiggers floor with lights onThere’s some vintage stuff, but this show ain’t a Top 30 2-step shuffle. M-Thurs 11pm to midnight, Fridays and Saturdays 10pm-Midnight.
  15. Motown/R&B - chillax every morning 7am - 8am, weekdays 4pm - 5pm, Saturdays 3pm - 4pm.
  16. Christmas Music & Greetings – mixed through-out every regular show during the festive season.

CKUG Radio 88.7 FM from Kugluktuk, Nunavut, Canada.
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